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My gradual slide towards a thicker waistband and deconditioned body didn’t happen overnight. It took years of drinking IPAs, eating pizza, overdosing on carbs and sugars. Years of trying to stay ‘fit’ by cycling in and out of fitness gyms made little difference as I tried to find my way back to feeling and looking good.

I started my rediscovery of health and fitness just over 4 years ago… After years of trying to do it on my own, I joined a CrossFit gym. Supported by my coaches and peers in group classes, I rewrote my future one day at a time.

Today, at age 43, I’m in the best shape of my life. I love working hard, experiencing dramatic results, feeling strong, and knowing I’m healthy.

My passion is to inspire and lead others to achieve their unique goals and dreams in life, health and fitness.

Whether your goal is igniting your fitness, increasing mobility, changing body composition, training for a 5K, improving diabetes/high cholesterol, or simply not getting winded taking the stairs; you will be supported by our community and team of coaches throughout your personal journey.

Welcome to 5280!

Jason Grubb

Founder & Owner, 5280 CrossFit

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5280 CrossFit
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