Introducing the 5280 CrossFit 14ers Club!!

We’re so excited to announce the 5280 CrossFit 14ers Club! Do you have will power, the stamina, the consistency, and the raw grit to become a 14er? We’ll find out!! Are you one of the few that will be a 14er multiple months in a row? We can’t wait to see how many of you can do it!!

What is a 5280 CrossFit 14er?

To become a 5280 CrossFit 14er you must attend 14 group classes or personal training sessions at 5280 CrossFit in one calendar month.

It’s that simple!! 

Why would you want to be a 14er?

Because of the challenge (it’s not easy)… but when you do it, it feels amazing!! AND – there are prizes for each member who becomes a 14er each month! During the first two days of each month, at the beginning of each group class, 14ers will be recognized and have the opportunity to draw a prize! Prizes include: Perfect Bars, Kill Cliff Drinks, an item from the treasure chest, a $50 Reebok Gift Card, and MORE (during the summer, we’re planning to include a night away in the Breckenridge or Vail).

When does it start?

It already has!! Your attendance in May will qualify you to become a 5280 CrossFit 14er! We’re already a week into May. Some of you are off to a great start, others will have some work to do to catch up! There’s plenty of time to attend 14 classes or sessions! Are you ready to become a 14er?


If you have SnapChat or your teenage kids use SnapChat… then you know about streaks. The “point” of a snapstreak is really just to see how long you can keep it going; it’s one of a few features built into the app that turns it into a kind of game. 5280 CrossFit 14ers will have their streak posted on a special blackboard in the gym! If you get 2 months in a row with 14 classes or personal training sessions, you’ll have your streak started!