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Are You Planning to Live?


Are You Planning to Live?

I turned 38 a few years ago (ahem… 4 years ago), and I finally started planning to die.

The topic of life insurance hadn’t really been on the top of my mind before, but suddenly it seemed like a big-boy issue that needed to be re-addressed since we had a newborn at home. So I talked to a series of financial advisers and did a lot of reading about how life insurance works. None of the details matter, except one: Life insurance is not for you but for your family. You don’t get to use the money. You’re dead.

Lots of people have life insurance; they want to care for their families after they meet their end. Lots of people have health insurance, too; they want to ensure they’re financially secure if something bad happens and health deteriorates. Travel insurance, car insurance, home insurance—they all work the same way: Money comes after something bad happens.

I recently had a cup of coffee with one of our long-term members, and she talked to me about her life plan, which involved making good decisions that would help her live as long as possible. This conversation wasn’t about planning for bad events but preserving good things—planning to live rather than to die. What an amazing idea.

We certainly can’t prevent all bad things from happening, but when it comes to health, we can prevent a lot. For example, just by achieving a healthy weight, you will significantly reduce your risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, some cancers, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, breathing problems— the list goes on and on.

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in fitness. You are or have been a member of 5280 or you want to learn more about fitness through our blog. That means you’re already thinking about prevention: Exercise builds muscle, strengthens bones, improves blood work, reduces stress, eliminates fat and so on. These are all good things that will help keep you out of the doctor’s office and the hospital.

But exercise isn’t enough.

I’ve recently used this analogy:

If you’re trapped in a room with two zombies and you kill one, do you still have a problem?

The answer is chasing you.

Health is like that. Exercise is an amazing thing, and since 2015 we’ve focused on learning how to use it to make you as healthy as possible. Now we focusing on combining that training with an improved diet—we kill both zombies.

If you work out and eat better, you’re going to save yourself from a lot of bad things, and you’re less likely to need life insurance before you’re very old. But you need to kill both zombies before you’re as safe as possible. Eat well without exercise or train well but eat poorly and you still have half your problems.

We’re committed to killing both zombies, and we’ve invested heavily in the nutrition side of our business. That includes both training and equipment. With that in place, we’re have the most comprehensive nutrition program around:

You should probably look into life insurance and plan to take care of your family when you pass on. But let’s create a hedge against chronic disease by improving and preserving your health!

Stay active, train hard, optimize your diet, kill zombies and do everything you can to live a long, healthy life.

December Hydration Challenge


December Hydration Challenge

The December Challenge is an experiment to see what a difference small changes can make.
It is simple, painless, free, and FULL of benefits that will be shared throughout the month!

A good way to start hydrating enough is to drink at least 50% of your bodyweight in ounces, minimum. If someone weighs 140 pounds she will need to drink a minimum of 70 ounces of water per day. We live in a dry climate… so this adds the need for more water, around 30 ounces per day. Finally, when doing activities that make you sweat, you need even more water.

On days that you exercise plan to drink 20-30 ounces around your workout. Specifically and hour to two hours before. SO! If you weigh 140 and you are here in beautiful Colorado AND you exercise, aim for 120-130 ounces of water.

It is easy to think we are drinking enough water but you may be surprised when you start to keep track. Let’s find out what benefits it has for you!

Click here to sign up for a daily reminder email to simply fill out a form to track your daily water intake (this will take about 30 seconds) & a Friday check in form each week!

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Why We Practice “Bright Spots Friday”


Why We Practice “Bright Spots Friday”

Motivation means desire.

The science of motivation is the science of success. That’s why I study motivation more than I study exercise technique. I have found the selection of exercises is secondary to your desire to perform them.

Here’s what we know about motivation:

  1. Success has to happen before you’ll become motivated
  2. Success has to KEEP happening.
  3. We don’t always recognize success when it happens. We’re pretty hard on ourselves.

That means we prioritize our individual successes over our scoreboard, we track our progress in SugarWOD, and we need to take five minutes every Friday to reflect on the GOOD in our lives.

The practice of thankfulness doesn’t come naturally to anyone. That’s why we call it a practice: it’s hard, we don’t feel like doing it–and then we feel better once we have.

“Bright Spots Friday” is our practice of thankfulness. Every week in the 5280 Facebook group, we’ll post our “Bright Spots”: things that went right, things we’re celebrating, and little ‘wins’ from the week. Bright spots aren’t always directly workout-related (“I told my boss he needed to extend my deadline”) but practicing gratitude and thankfulness IS an exercise.

The first time, you’ll be reluctant to post your Bright Spots. “I don’t really know these people THAT well…they don’t want to hear about my life.” Or “I don’t want to share all my personal stuff…”

So I’ll go first. And I encourage you to follow with one TINY little Bright Spot. Make it workout-related to start, if that’s easier. What did you do RIGHT, or do BEST, or do for the FIRST time this week? Share in the 5280 Members FB Group.

We’re all family here. It’s a safe place. Look within, and start your weekend happy.

Do you need access to our 5280 CrossFit Members Facebook Group?

Head here:

My Future: Rewritten


My Future: Rewritten

There are moments in life when our future seems to be rewritten. Your first big break in your career, your wedding day, the birth of a child, a loss; these moments are certain to change your trajectory. But there are other, subtle, moments that rewrite your future and you didn’t see them coming.

I often wonder what my life would look like if I hadn’t tried a CrossFit class with my sister-in-law on Thanksgiving week 2013. Since then, I’ve improved nearly every health marker… especially my body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and bone density. Having jumped into the deep end from the get go, my body transformed quickly.

The rewriting of my future had a much bigger impact than just physical changes.

In 2013, I was a successful wedding photographer shooting over 20 high-end weddings a year with a team of four other photographers who shot an additional 30-40 weddings. I was financially successful and had a growing influence in the wedding photography community nationwide. However, I wasn’t deeply happy doing that work. It was rewarding financially and emotionally, and delivering compelling images to a newly married couple is an incredible honor. I was at an impasse because the nature of a wedding photography business is a single transaction. Most of the time, I spent one day with a couple and never saw them again in person. In hindsight, I realize now that it lacked a deeper meaning for me.

Simon Sinek helps people discover their deepest motivating factor, their “why.” When we dig into our history, gather the stories in our lives, we discover common threads that consciously or unconsciously make us who we are and guide our decisions. My history as a high school teacher, entrepreneur, therapist, wedding photographer, and now CrossFit gym owner left a trail of bread crumbs. In all that I have done in my life, the most fulfilling part of any work that I’ve done has been helping people become successful in their own world. As a therapist, I helped people move towards emotional health and healing, and grew to coach other therapists on building their counseling business. As a photographer, I provided images from deeply meaningful moments in people’s lives, then mentoring other photographers to help them become successful in their unique businesses. The common thread that made me deeply happy was helping others move towards their own definition of success.

When I started a CrossFit gym at the beginning of 2015, my hope was that a CrossFit gym would provide an exit from wedding photography. I didn’t complete a deeper evaluation of why I wanted to start a CrossFit gym. Quickly, I realized that helping people move in the right direction from wherever they start on the sickness-wellness-fit continuum was deeply fulfilling.

The more I am able to help people, the more fulfilled I am. The common thread in what makes me feel fulfilled in life and work is helping others find success in what they do.

Who knows what my other future would have looked like if it hadn’t been rewritten in November 2013. Maybe I would be a nationally renowned wedding photographer capturing the most amazing outdoor weddings on the planet, or maybe I would have tanked. Likely, I would have continued to gain weight, felt tired and worn out, and continued to run 20 miles a week with the thought that this was as good as I was going to get at age 42. Likely, I would have still found a way to help people in some way.

Thankfully, my future was rewritten the day I discovered CrossFit. It has only been reinforced the more I learn about CrossFit and every person I’m able to help at 5280 CrossFit.

If you want to rewrite your future… I can help! Shoot me an email jason(at)

November Box Brief – RSVP for the Christmas Party!!

November Box Brief: RSVP for the Christmas Party!

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, we want to give all of you a high five and say thank you for your amazing donations for the Garage Sale from our October Minimalist Challenge. If completed, each participant in the challenge let go of 496 items! Even if you only donated a few things, you lightened your load and helped the gym raise over $200 for The Golden Backpack Program – plus loads of donations picked up. Thanks everyone for your hard work in October and willingness to try something different (and in many ways more challenging) for our October Challenge!

Here are a few fresh updates!


You’re invited to our 2017 Flannel and Frost Themed Christmas Party! It’s time to RSVP

Clear your schedule for the evening of December 2nd. Decline all other invitations! You don’t want to miss our annual Christmas Party! This catered event including appetizers, a super yummy paleo dinner, and plenty of entertainment starts at 6:00PM. Bring your significant other – of course!! The cost is is $20 per person (to cover appetizers & a catered dinner).
*This party is adults only and there will not be childcare… call the babysitter now so you don’t miss out on this enjoyable evening!

Ask anyone who attended last year – THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!!


Complete our reservation from below.
Quantity = How many people will be coming including you.

Thanksgiving Weekend Schedule

Wednesday November 22nd: The final class of the day will be the noon class.

Thursday November 23rd: Thanksgiving WOD – Family and Friends are welcome (experienced crossfitters preferred). We’ll have a wonderfully challenging workout planned for that morning. Budget 90 minutes out of your schedule to come an experience some great fitness while the turkey bakes in the oven at home!

Friday November 24th: Closed.

Saturday November 25th: Regular Schedule.

Are you interested in a Ski/Snowboarding Preparation Class? 

A number of you have asked if we would be willing to create a Ski/Snowboarding preparation class… we’d love to do it. Why not get ready for the ski season with some specific conditioning, mobility, and accessory work to get you ready for the 2017/2018 ski season in Colorado!

We would have the 4-week course start the week after Thanksgiving on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. The cost would be approx $80 (with a minimum of 10 people).

We want to know if YOU would be interested in this!! If so… send an email to with “ski prep class interest” in the subject line. If we have 10+ people interested, we’ll do it!

Action Items:

Did you RSVP for the Christmas Party?

Are you interested in the Ski/Snowboard prep class? 

What’s Up With The Whiteboard?

What’s Up With The Whiteboard?

Last week, we installed whiteboards in the gym. In the coming week we will start writing the workouts on the Whiteboard as well as the names of everyone in class (and their performance/score on the whiteboard). Our reasons for this change is multifaceted, with both community and performance goals in mind.

Reason #1

Having each of our athletes listed on the whiteboard is a cheatsheet of the names of other people in class. We want everyone to have equal opportunity to recognize and connect with each other.

Reason #2

Knowing that our score/performance/time is going to post our score up at the end of the workout is just a little way to ensure we give it a bit more doing the workout. This fact is a big reason most people see advancement when they write down and track themselves (like in SugarWOD). As it’s said, what gets consistently measured gets improved.

Reason #3

We’re interested in the data. What we’re doing here at 5280 CrossFit is science. The science behind the effectiveness of what we do involves measurable, observable, and repeatable data. Having this information daily on the board is what allows us to clearly see the improvement we’re making in each of your lives.

Reason #4

Theres a misperception if you’re modifying/tailoring the workout that you don’t need to write your score up because you’re not doing what everyone else is doing, so it doesn’t matter. But you’re not the only one modifying workouts. Most of the gym does, and it’s cool to be able to look at the whiteboard and have some creative options.

If you have any question at all about the whiteboards, don’t hesitate to to ask your coach next time you’re in the gym.

How I Rediscovered Health and Fitness



How I Rediscovered Health and Fitness

Definition: Rediscover – a journey of waking up to something forgotten or ignored.

My gradual slide towards a thicker waistband and de-conditioned body didn’t happen overnight. It took years of drinking IPAs, eating pizza, overdosing on carbs and sugars, and paying little attention to what I put in my body. I cycled in and out of traditional fitness gyms, spending hours on the treadmill and elliptical. I stayed consistent and worked hard in the gym, building up my capacity to run 5-7 miles every other day (with Chip). I felt good, but nothing was changing my body or my general feeling of blah.

In November 2013, my sister in law invited me to join her at her CrossFit gym during a ‘bring a friend’ promotion. She has been inviting me for years and I had insisted that I didn’t need help with my fitness. I thought I knew what I was doing, even though it wasn’t working. I thought that I knew what fitness felt like. It felt like an ability to run 7 miles in around an hour – right?

I had forgotten what it felt like to be able to move well, feel strong, and have the ability to do whatever I wanted to do physically.

I had forgotten what it was like when I was a gymnast in junior high and high school. Back then, I was competitive in my age and division and even had high hopes to go to the Olympics. I worked out with my peers 4-5 days a week at our gym developing skills on the floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar. We were lean, healthy, flexible, and quite strong. Pull ups and pushups were simple exercises. Muscle ups, for example, were not a major complex movement (as they are in CrossFit).

When I was 17, I realized I was getting burnt out and that I was not going make it to the Olympics. After that I wasn’t sure how to stay healthy and fit. Life got busy with high school, college, marriage and kids. Twenty years later, I was thick and generally unhealthy, and while I could run 25 miles a week, I didn’t feel or look good.

Finding my way towards health and fitness was a serendipitous experience. I finally accepted the invitation from my sister in law to try CrossFit, and it changed my life. I realized how out of shape I was during that first week of CrossFit. I remember one of my first WODs, power cleans and burpees, where I tried to keep up with a very pregnant woman and had my ass handed to me.

My first experiences with CrossFit didn’t just provide full body workouts – it gave me hope that I could come back from being in the worst shape of my life. Nothing I had been doing was working, despite my committed efforts, and yet this felt different. I couldn’t get down to the ground and get back up (a simple burpee) ten times without feeling like I was going to die. I wasn’t discouraged, rather I felt inspired. I saw people around me who moved effortlessly, looked great, and seemed to feel great. Hope is a powerful motivator. A fire was lit in my heart… and I started my journey to rediscover my health.

This journey has taken me from a thick, out of shape 38 year old, to a healthy, fit, and wonderfully active 42 year old. The Olympics are not in my sights… but a new goal is out there for my competitive spirit, The CrossFit Games. Having missed the qualification cut off in 2017 by 20 spots (out of over 25,000), 2018 is the year I finally qualified.

Regardless of whether I ever stand on the podium at the CrossFit Games, more importantly, I’ve rediscovered health, fitness, and a passion for helping others rediscover their health and fitness.

Rediscover your health and fitness. 

Whether your goal is igniting your fitness, increasing mobility, changing body composition, training for a 5K, improving diabetes/high cholesterol, or simply not getting winded taking the stairs; you will be supported by our community and team of coaches throughout your personal journey.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Minimalist Challenge Garage Sale Benefiting Golden Backpack Program

5280-CrossFit-Golden-Backpack-Benefit(Download and share the image above)

5280 CrossFit Community Garage Sale

All Proceeds Donated To: Golden Backpack Program

November 4th, 2017

For the month of October, members at 5280 CrossFit have taken on the Minimalist Challenge. The spirit of the Minimalist Challenge comes from removing clutter and junk from our lives that are taking up space rather than serving a purpose. On October 1st, they picked one item to be donated, on October 2nd they got rid of two items… so on and so forth. By the end of the month, each person participating will have discarded or (better yet) donated 532 items from their homes.

On Saturday, November 4th, all of the donated items of value will be at our 5280 CrossFit Garage Sale, located at the gym (801 Brickyard Circle in Golden). All items sold and the money raised by them will be donated to the Golden Backpack Program, which supplies food to children in need. They do this by providing food for children over the weekend, a time when they do not have access to lunch programs.

We’d love to have you and all of your friends swing by between 8am and noon on Saturday, November 4th to see if we have anything that could better serve a purpose in your life. Everything will be priced to sell and there will be a number of valuable items available (GoPro, ski gear, children and adult clothing, shoes, toys, etc). We’ll have a donation jar available as well. Anything helps to make a difference for the children of Golden and the Golden Backpack Program.

October Box Brief

Box Brief: Updates, Events, Etc.

Happy October!

Wow, I can’t believe we’re over half way through the month of October already! The leaves are changing, it’s dark in the mornings, and the workouts lately have been wonderfully challenging! We have a couple of fun things coming up as we head into the near future! Mark your calendars!!

The 5280 CF App will be retired this Saturday (10/21).

Yes… this beloved app that is rather glitchy for some people will be retired. Starting Saturday and into the future, you’re going to want to download the MindBody App on your phone to reserve class times. It will feel very similar to the 5280 CF App. To make it simple, visit our 5280 CrossFit Apps page on your phone right now. You should be able to log into the MindBody App with the same credentials as the 5280 CF app.

Then come back to add a few items to your calendar below.

If you have any issues, simply email Jason… jason(at) 


Halloween WOD & Crocktoberfext

Halloween is right around the corner. Get ready for a frighteningly fun workout (the Frightful Filthy Fifty), Crocktoberfest and mingling with friends! Saturday, October 28th, we’ll be holding our Halloween WOD at 9am – yes, one big happy class. Dress in your best costume for the WOD, and stick around to taste test some treats.

After the WOD, we’ll be holding a contest for the best crock-pot dish – Crocktoberfest. The rules are simple: Bring a crock pot dish to share. Vote for your favorite. And enjoy all the delicious courses after your workout.

Winner gets Crocktoberfest bragging rights!

There will be 3 categories of competition – Entrees, Desserts, and Crocktails. There will be winners named for each category.


Save the Date – Christmas Party

Clear your schedule for the evening of December 2nd. Decline all other invitations! You don’t want to miss our annual Christmas Party! Starting at 6pm, our Flannel and Frost Themed Christmas Party is a catered event including appetizers, a super yummy paleo dinner, and plenty of entertainment. An official invite and RSVP will be coming in the next few weeks.

Below are a few pics from last years event!!

New Tee Shirt – Pre Order Now!


New Tee Shirts are Coming – Pre Order Now and We’ll Pay the Sales Tax!

It’s time for some fresh 5280 CrossFit tee shirts! Don’t you think? With 5280 CrossFit on the front and the Colorado KettleBell on the back, we’re combining our first (and favorite) tee shirt designs!

We’ll even cover sales tax for all Pre-Order Shirts!!

Pre-Order ASAP… as we’ll be submitting our order to the printer on Tuesday, October 17th.

  • Men's Shirts

  • Price: $20.00 Quantity:
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  • Women's Shirts

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  • American Express

Popular Nutrition Plans – Get a Basic Understanding of Each


Popular Nutrition Plans – Get a Basic Understanding of Each

There are a TON of popular nutrition plans out in the wild. They vary in philosophy, application, and flexibility. Everyone is different and finds success in various ways. What works for some people might not work for others. After our Nutrition Night Q&A at 5280 CrossFit, we thought we’d compile a brief summary of some of the nutrition plans mentioned during the Q&A. If you are interested in learning more or want a personalized plan to help you reach your health goals, talk to a coach and take a look at the 5280 Nutrition Coaching Program.

“Clean Eating”

A clean eating diet is meant to be simple. Instead of eating more or less of certain things it is more about being mindful of what you are eating and how it got to you and your plate. This diet, or eating style, is about eating whole (real) foods, food that is minimally or unprocessed. Modern food production has made this more difficult than in the past. Highly processed foods are stripped of nutrients that our bodies need for overall health. A good start for shopping for clean food is to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. Clean eating does not have to be only raw foods. It does mean you should choose foods with few ingredients on the label, or foods with no label. On labels you should avoid additives such as artificial coloring and flavors and ingredients that are unrecognizable.
Some unprocessed foods are:
· Nuts
· Fruits
· Vegetables
· Fresh eggs
Some minimally processed foods are:
· Unrefined grains
· Frozen fruits and vegetables
· Unprocessed meats (such as grain-fed)
· Hormone free dairy
· Oils

Clean eating does not mean that you can eat endless quantities. You still need to pay attention to portion size.


The Whole30 Program ( is a popular 30 day elimination diet aimed at helping you find the best foods for your body . . . Since not all bodies process food in the same way! Like most elimination diets, the Whole30 removes foods that have been shown to be inflammatory and can cause digestive ailments, allergies, chronic pain, skin issues, etc. For 30 days you will remove sugar, grains, dairy, legumes and alcohol from your diet. At the end of the 30 days you will reintroduce these foods one at a time and observe the impact they have on your body. This should give you a pretty good idea of which foods help your body thrive and which don’t. The Whole30 Program is also great for a nutrition “reset if you find yourself eating more processed food.


The paleolithic (paleo for short) diet is all about eating foods that were available for cavemen. This means avoiding processed foods, as well as foods that are a product of modern agriculture. Some of paleo foods include lean meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. All processed foods are avoided, as well as dairy, grains, sugars, legumes, starches, and alcohol. This differs from the Whole30 in that Paleo is more of a lifestyle rather than a time-constrained plan. Paleo also focuses on eating generous amounts of saturated fats, such as butter and coconut oil. This lifestyle nutrition plan can also go so far as to incorporate healthy exercise practices and stress relief to live the most natural way possible in our modern world.

For more information and recipes, visit

If it Fits your Macro!

Macronutrient counting is all the rage in the health and fitness world. But what exactly does this entail? A macronutrient is a chemical compound that is consumed in large quantities which provide humans with the bulk of energy required to function. These include carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Macronutrient counting involves eating these “macros” in specific ratios to support your lifestyle and body type. The most common ratio is 40% calories come if from carbs, 30% come from fat and 30% come from protein. However . . . because our bodies are all different, we don’t process macros in the same way. Therefore, there might be a different ratio that is better for you. Working with a nutrition professional can help identify the correct balance of macros that is right for your body!

Zone Diet

The primarily concern of the zone diet is controlling your body’s hormones to avoid insulin spikes due to carbohydrate intake. The zone diet strays away from eating high protein or high fat, and instead focusing on having a balanced diet throughout the day. Lean, natural meats, low glycemic-load fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats are promoted. When Greg Glassman refers to proper nutrition as “Eat(ing) meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat,” this is what he is referring to.

The Zone Diet is created in “blocks.” One block contains one selection of one protein, one carbohydrate and one fat. The total number of blocks you eat is based on your body type (small female or hard gainer male, for example), and the total numbers of blocks eaten in one day vary between 10-23 blocks. One block of protein selection contains 7 grams of protein, one block of carbohydrates contains 9 grams of insulin-stimulating carbohydrates (carbs minus the fiber), and one block of fat contains 1.5 grams of fat. An extensive list of the measurements for different foods contained in one block can be found here (

For more information, visit the Zone Diet’s official website

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a method of withholding food from the body that has been practiced for centuries for health and spiritual reasons. It has made a comeback recently due to its fat loss and overall health benefits. Fasting general occurs for between 12-14 hours and the time frame that it takes places is determined by you. For example, you could fast between dinner at 7pm and breakfast the next day at 8am. The basis of fasting is that it allows the body to burn off excess fat during the time that food is not readily available. It also moderates the release of insulin, which can be a factor in fat storage in the liver and the body. This style of eating can be added to any type of nutrition plan.

For more information and different IF programs, visit

Keto Diet

Ketosis is a metabolic process that happens naturally when the body does not have enough glucose (sugar), which is usually used for energy. As a part of this process your body makes ketones. Ketones are chemicals that show up in our blood and urine when fat is broken down for energy.

A keto diet encourages fat to be used for energy rather than glucose. It is known for being low-carb since glucose mainly comes from eating carbs. For healthy people ketosis usually starts after 3-4 days of eating less than 50 grams of carbs per day. Which is very low, equivalent to about one banana and one apple or 3 slices of bread.

Ketosis is a strategy that seems to work well for a small group of people and may not be for everyone. The idea is to follow a eating plan of high fat, moderate protein and low carb to create ketones that can be used in place of glucose. Basically, your body’s goal is to burn fat.
It has been shown to provide more weight loss than low fat diets and leaves people more full. It may not be ideal to be in a permanent state of ketosis. There are some potential downsides and requires a lot of focus to achieve and maintain.

Wheat Belly Lifestyle

Wheat Belly Lifestyle rejects the idea that grains should form the cornerstone of the human diet. In fact, it reject grains outright, as they are all seeds of grasses incompatible with human digestion. Accordingly, the Wheat Belly Lifestyle reconstructs a dietary scheme that has had the grass-based rug pulled out from underneath. What’s left? Plenty: the meat and organs of animals, fish, shellfish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, berries and other fruit. The Wheat Belly Diet consumes foods that are instinctively regarded as food, not the seeds of grasses. And, as primitive humans did for the first 2.5 million years of their time on earth, little regard is given for practices such as counting calories, limiting fat or saturated fat, rather eat for satiety and consume what is necessary to sustain activity.

Learn more on the Wheat Belly Blog


Need someone to partner with you on your nutrition journey? Schedule a nutrition consultation for free!

Member Spotlight | Lisa & John

Member Spotlight
Lisa & John


How old are you?

Lisa: 50

John: 52

When did you begin doing CrossFit? How long have you been with 5280 CrossFit?

Lisa: I learned about CrossFit several years ago, but did not participate consistently until joining 5280 Crossfit in September 2016.

John:  I have played around with CrossFit for the last 8 years. In the last year have made a commitment to get back in shape.

Why do you CrossFit?

Lisa: I do CrossFit for several reasons. First, I feel a great sense of accomplishment purely by finishing a workout. I mean, 4 or 5 rounds of something doesn’t sound too bad, but when you add up reps, it is pretty amazing what you’ve just completed. Also, I enjoy that everyday is different. For a long time I didn’t even look at the workouts before I went because I thought it was just better not to know.

I do CrossFit because I see it making a difference for me both physically, and mentally. I am in the best shape that I have been in since my 20s, and I think that I am actually stronger than I’ve ever been. Mentally, after a trying day at work, heading to CrossFit relieves much of the stress and tension of the day.

John: I like the fact you can set aside 1 hour a day and get a good work out in that will make a difference in getting or staying in shape.

Are you married, single, in a relationship? Do you have any children (“furry” children included)?

We will celebrate our 30th anniversary in March. We have 2 adult children – 25 and 21.

What is your favorite activity to do outside the gym?

Our favorite activity, outside the gym, is spending time traveling with family. When we can’t be traveling, curling up with a good book is always a treat.

How do you make time for CrossFit in your weekly schedule? What’s helped you stay committed?

We often sign up for classes or at least discuss the schedule for the week on Sunday evening, and try to commit to being in class 4-5 times a week. The positive effect that CrossFit has made for me physically helps me to stay committed. But it is the sense of community, along with the encouraging, knowledgeable coaches that keep me coming to 5280 CrossFit. We pass several CrossFit gym on our way to 5280.

How has 5280 made your life better?

Lisa: 5280 has helped me with getting stronger and more physically fit. 5280 has also supported me nutritionally. The coaches set up some nutrition guidelines for me that have had a huge impact on my overall body composition. They also reminded me of the importance of balance in a healthy lifestyle.

John: I have been able to get back I shape and lose a lot weight. I am able to coach wrestling better, able to jog faster, and have sleep deeper.

What is one CrossFit goal you are currently working on?

Lisa: I am working on doing more than a couple of kipping pull ups at a time, and consecutive double-unders.

John: My only goal is to just stay in shape 🙂

Share one CrossFit story… (funny, cool, inspiring, etc)

Lisa: Participating in the 5280 CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights was super fun. Getting to see members from all the different classes competing a cheering each other on was amazing. I never would have thought that I’d try something like that, but I must admit that I looked forward to seeing where my name fell in the list of 50 somethings from around the U.S.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about starting CrossFit?

Lisa: My advice would be to take the chance to try something new. This gym is a safe place for all ranges of ages and fitness. The coaches work with you where you are at, and will modify movements to meet your needs physically. The coaches are knowledgeable, and work with you to have correct form when lifting.

John:  Recently, I was talking to some of my ex-students athletes and I explained 5280 CrossFit as place that everyone is welcomed and there is no judgement.

Tell us something most 5280 CrossFit members don’t know about you.

Lisa: As a family we have traveled to 4 of 7 continents.

John: I really enjoy working out in my backyard.

Ladies Barbell Club


Announcing the 5280 CrossFit Ladies Barbell Club

Something neat happens when you get a group of women together to build strength, work on their weakness, and lift heavy, all in a supportive and educational environment. That’s exactly what you get in our Ladies Barbell Club. Whether you’re a seasoned CrossFitter or brand new to your fitness journey, this 6-week course will help you build your strength and confidence while working with a barbell.

Class size in limited to keep the group small enough to receive personalized attention on all lifts. Each 1-hour class will have a warm up, teaching portion to cover the lift of the day, time to work hard, as well as an accessory work portion. You’ll receive the entire 6-week program on the first night to plan out your week and decide which days you will attend regular CrossFit classes, as well as one day of optional homework programming. At the end of the six weeks, we’ll be testing our major lifts to see how much we’ve progressed.

If you’re frustrated with a plateau in your strength or you’re looking to incorporate more strength work into your weekly routine, this class is designed for you. You’ll feel better lifting heavy. You’ll feel better in the WOD. You’ll look better in the mirror building muscle definition.

Ladies Barbell Club Details:

Starting October 10th (6 weeks)
Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm
(Optional homework can be done during any open gym time)

5280 Main Gym with Coach Deidre


Sign Up Here

  • Your Information

  • Emergency Contact Info

  • Ladies Barbell Club Registration

    You are enrolling in the 6 week Ladies Barbell Club. If you'd like to add two Inbody Scans to measure Body Fat and Lean Muscle Mass before and after the program, add 1 to the quantity for the Inbody Scan.
  • Price: $100.00
  • Two Scans = $30/scan
    Price: $60.00 Quantity:
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  • Payment Information

    5280 CrossFit prefers ACH transfer using a routing number and checking account.
  • Checking Account Info:
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  • American Express

October Challenge Starts Sunday!


The Minimalist Challenge

Our October Challenge is going to be a nice break from the Wall Ball contest in September! However, this challenge will test you in a much different way! The October Challenge is the MINIMALIST Challenge (AKA a decluttering challenge).

How it works:

  • October 1st – you get rid of 1 item, October 2nd – you get rid of 2 items, and so on.
    (by get rid of, we mean throw away or store for donation)
  • Choose another 5280 member to be an accountability partner, if you can’t choose, ask a coach or me to keep you accountable.
  • Every day send a picture of the items (to get rid of) to your partner.

On November 4th, we will be hosting a gym-wide garage sale to sell all your unwanted items.

  • Proceeds from the garage sale will be donated 100% to the Golden Backpack Program.
    (The Golden Backpack Program (GBP) helps feed Golden, Colorado students in need by providing a sack full of enough food to feed a child for a weekend. )
  • A donation truck come to the gym on Nov 6th to receive any leftover items.

Why a minimalist challenge?
Because we want to provide a path towards health, happiness and the ability to achieve all of your goals and dreams. And, it has been proven that clutter gets in the way of that.

To make it interesting… if you sign up for the challenge, you owe a burpee for each item you don’t get rid of. For example, if you miss day 21… you owe 21 burpees for the day. If you only have 15 items to get rid of on October 30th, you owe 15 burpees. 

Guidelines to help get you started if you’re stuck:

  1. 90 day rule: if you haven’t used it in 90 days and don’t plan to use it in the next 90 days, let it go.
    (it could be 120 day rule or a 365 day rule…)
  2. Know the difference between “just in case” items and “just for when” items: For an example, I have snowboarding gear just for when I snowboard. I however, I don’t have skis just in case I ever decide to take up skiing.
  3. 20/20 rule: if you are holding onto something “just in case” and it can be replaced in under 20 minutes for under $20, let it go.

The Benefits of Decluttering

For Darcey Rojas, a wellness advocate and healthy home designer, decluttering has a domino effect on better living. “A clutter-free environment allows you to perform tasks of daily living more efficiently because everything you need is readily available and within reach,” she says, adding this leads to healthier habits.

For example, if your dishes are clean and properly stored, you’re more likely to eat at home and enjoy cooking. On a deeper level, Rojas says, “A clutter-free space also contributes to your well-being because you will subconsciously feel like you are providing yourself with a higher level of self-care.

Removing clutter is also physically healthier because it removes dust particles and toxins from the air, Rojas adds – which can improve allergy symptoms and overall wellness.

Decluttering may also help you feel better about yourself because it’s something of an accomplishment, says Dr. Robert London, a psychiatrist based in New York City. “The clutter leads to anxiety, embarrassment, family stresses – some kind of despair,” London says. “When you relieve the problem and learn to throw things away, you feel better.”

You might also begin to tackle deeper problems that cluttering is covering up, he adds. “You’ll find theories of why people do this. They might have unconscious guilt, so they assuage that guilt by carrying out these rituals.”

Learn more:
And here:
And here:


Mobility Hacks: Hamstrings

Mobility Hacks: Hamstrings

We train our backside like crazy. Our hamstrings. We work on getting them strong, we sit down, we lay down, we work on getting them strong again and repeat. When we sit we are smooshing them into one position, like when you wake up with flat bed head – imagine that happening to all the muscles back there, and then not doing anything to restore/fluff them up. Here are some things to give them a hand.

  1. After a day of sitting sit on a chair or box, any hard surface, and put a lacrosse ball or softball under our hammy. Put some of your weight on the ball and move across the tissue. When you hit a spot that “lights up” straighten and bend your leg, pumping it over the ball. Spend as much time as you feel necessary, this is not a hard thing to do.
  2. Another variation of this can be done at the gym with a barbell. Put a bar in the rack between knee and hip height. Swing one leg over the bar and apply pressure where needed. Most of us have extra stiffness right at the insertion point at our hip. Not an easy spot to mobilize. The barbell can help reach these areas. Move back and forth side to side and get rid of the stiff muscle tissue! You can also move the bar back and forth to reach spots while you stay still.

Banded Work:

  1. This one is my personal favorite. Flossing. Great for before a workout, priming the muscles to be used.

Attach a band at knee height on the rid and wrap it around the front of your hip. Walk yourself out to tighten the band and bring the banded leg out in front of the free leg. Hinge forward at the hips and reach to the ground, if you can’t reach the ground with a flat back put something (a box, bench, etc) in front of you to reach. Continually bend and straighten the knee, keeping your heel on the ground and back as straight as possible. Again, use a box if needed for support.

Another option for this is to keep the banded leg behind the free leg and hinge at the hips, bending and standing upright to floss. Keep the banded leg straight and weight in the heel.

  1. Another good move for prepping your hamstrings for movement, especially weightlifting. Place a band around the bottom of the rig. Lay down with your head closer to the rig, feet away and loop the band around one foot. Keeping your core braced, back flat and toes pointed you will start with your banded foot up and drive your heel to the ground. Return to the starting position and repeat. Try this with a lighter band before moving up.
  2. *Most common. A similar option to #2 but with no weight on your back, making it less difficult to keep your back straight and in good position. Lay on the ground, think of this movement as picking up a deadlift from the ground, grab your knee and pull it to your chest, then reach for the ankle and straighten the leg. This can be done with a band around the front of the hip to distract the femur. Holding your ankle continue to bend and straighten the leg creating and releasing tension. Use a band over your foot if you cannot reach your ankle.


Meat: Grass-Fed.. Organic.. No label… What does it all mean?


Meat: Grass-Fed.. Organic… No label… What does it all mean?

When browsing meat products at the grocery store, you’ve probably seen a few terms on beef in particular, such as “grass-fed” and “organic.” Do you know which one is best or what the benefits of different meat is?

We (Jason & Gina) generally shop at Whole Foods and aim to purchase Step 5 beef whenever possible. We believe this meat is not only the most nutritious, but the most humanely and ethically treated. (

It can be confusing to figure out if you should be eating organic, grass-fed or concerning yourself with this terms at all. Here’s a little guidance.

Unlabeled beef

When you see unlabeled beef at the grocery store, it likely means that the cow was raised on a large farm. These farms have been receiving a lot of (well deserved) criticism lately due to the inhumanity of the way the cows live for the duration of their life, the food they are fed, and amount of pollution they produce across the globe.

Conventionally raised cows are fed corn and soy, causing them to fatten quickly for their eventual harvest, thus decreasing the normal lifespan of the cows. This will typically be some of the cheapest meat you can buy since it comes from a factory farm where they are able to produce large quantities of beef on a regular basis.

Conventionally raised cows/beef are not recommended. We’ll create a future article addressing the negative effects of conventionally raised meats/poultry/fish.


Grass-fed beef

Grass-fed beef comes from the ideology that cow should be able to live more naturally during the course of their life before reaching the dinner table. It also takes into account the historic vegetation consumed by cows, rather than any processed foods or leftovers fed to them by the conventional farming community.

The USDA grass fed standard requires that animals have continuous access to pasture for feeding during the growing season. The goal is for foraging to be the primary method of nutrition for these animals, rather than being confined for the duration of their life in a pen and being fed cereal and corn grains. This also means that they are able to graze of grass rather than industrialized crops.

Some studies ( suggest that grass-fed beef contains high levels of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and lonelier acids, both of which are important for optimal health.

Not all grass-fed beef is the same, however. Some farmers are able to get through regulatory loopholes to market their beef as grass-fed. The USDA does not define the growing season and therefore some level of confinement can occur under these regulations. This also does not mean that the cow does not receive hormones or antibiotics, which is another cause for concern.

You’ll typically see higher prices for grass-fed beef, but this is due to the heightened costs of sustaining smaller farms and the land required to allow cattle to graze throughout their lifetime.

Organic beef

The USDA defines organic products and beef and being raised on organic land, with feed that contains no antibiotics or hormones, and must have outdoor access. The focus with organic beef is the feed of the cattle, and it must not contain animal by-products, antibiotics, or genetically engineered grains, in addition to the food not being grown with the persistent use of pesticides of chemicals. This style of farming focuses on the concept that chemicals fed to animals, eventually end up in our bodies when consumes. They can, however, be fed corn or grain.

It does not however have a large focus on the living conditions of the animal. General recommendations for organically raised cattle state that they should not be confined for extended periods of time and should not by over-crowded in unsanitary conditions.

With that being said, organic certification from the USDA is not only expensive, but complicated. Most farmers who raise cattle as grass-fed, do not have to follow as many regulations other than what the feed of the cattle consists of (only grass). These farmers are typically traditional in their use of antibiotics and hormones. They aren’t big business farmers looking to produce as many cattle as possible, but rather farmers who care about the livestock and only provide antibiotics in the event that the animal is sick. Not all grass-fed farmers have this mindset, which is why it can be helpful to become familiar with a farm and their beliefs when purchasing beef from them.

Only you can decide what to put in your body, but we hope to help you make an educated choice. Many of these processes do cut the cost of the product. However, we believe that the long term health benefits are worth spending the extra money or the effort that goes in to catching a sale.

If you’re looking for locally raised beef and other meat products, here are a few local farming resources:

Quarterly Nutrition Night Q&A


Quarterly Nutrition Night Q&A at 5280 CrossFit

Thursday September 28th, 6:30PM

At 5280 CrossFit, we believe wholeheartedly that nutrition is the cornerstone to a healthy life (and success in the gym).

With that in mind, we will be hosting a live Nutrition Q&A session with Nutrition Coaches: Sam, Diedre, and Erin. The night will begin with some pre-selected questions. Then, we will open up for audience questions! Now’s the chance to get your nutrition questions answered from three awesome ladies!

Click Here to Submit your Nutrition Questions
(we will select questions from this survey):

Click Here to RSVP for the Event
(Location: 5280 CrossFit)

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If you’re interested in meeting with a coach 1:1 or enrolling in our nutrition program, visit our nutrition page.

What Do I Do Here Anyway? The Vision for 5280 CrossFit


What Do I Do Here Anyway? Why I Don’t Coach Many Classes.

I love CrossFit. I love coaching CrossFit!
I love seeing people become a better version of themselves by becoming fully capable of all that they were meant to be. I love seeing the smile on someone’s face when they accomplish something new. I love the camaraderie that develops in a single CrossFit class – that sense of adventure together.

My purpose, why I do what I do, is to inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams. That’s why I started 5280 CrossFit.
So…why don’t I coach very often anymore? I receive this question weekly and it’s a very fair question.

When I opened 5280 CrossFit, I was the sole coach. It was a lot of work. Happy and fulfilling work, but challenging with regards to the volume of effort it takes to build and run a CrossFit Gym. As the sole coach, I was only able to inspire (or give my time to) a handful of people. As our membership grew, my ability to connect with each of our members diminished.

Over the past three years, I’ve been lucky to find and hire coaches who share my core values for helping people live fuller and healthier lives. By hiring great coaches, I’m able to live my purpose by inspiring them to achieve their goals and dreams and empower them to help our members achieve their goals and dreams.

My purpose in the gym is still coach/leader. My behind the scenes role allows me to help our coaches move toward their perfect day. This role means that I can inspire and influence a much broader audience by supporting our coaches. This role also allows me to create systems that help new members become better integrated into the gym, systems that support the nutrition and fitness for our existing members, and strategies for increasing our influence in the Golden/Denver area.

While I would love to coach every class (and have the energy it takes to do that), my time spent behind the scenes is more potent in its ability to influence all of our current and future members.

I want to see 5280 CrossFit become THE place for health and wellness in Golden and our surrounding communities. I want our gym to be the place where ALL are encouraged to work towards achieving their ultimate wellness goals. Whether your goal is improving fitness, increasing mobility, changing body composition, training for a 5K, improving diabetes/high cholesterol, or simply not getting winded taking the stairs; you will be supported by our community and team of coaches throughout your personal journey.

Our gym is the place where anyone can come to be welcomed with open arms and supported through their transformation. The vision for 5280 CrossFit is bigger than CrossFit group classes, it’s meeting people wherever they’re at in their journey and supporting them any way we can with group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, yoga, and more to come in the future. This effort requires us to be excellent and virtuous in all that we do as a staff and community. We know CrossFit (nutrition, conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, and sport) is the key to creating an oasis from chronic disease, and my goal is to work diligently to provide that for you and everyone who walks through our front door.

While you may not see me leading your group class, I want you to know that I’m hard at work bringing this vision to life for you and every other member of 5280 CrossFit. I’m always available to chat via email, text or phone – and am more than willing to meet in person anytime!

Don’t hesitate to reach out!


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  • Your short and long term goals.
  • Your bright spots (what are you already doing right).
  • The best path to your specific goals.

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