For Members: Gym Etiquette

A Little Gym Etiquette Goes A Long Way.

Most public places have some sort of unwritten rules – etiquette, if you will – of the place you’re sharing with others. We’re a community of athletes bonded by the method in which we train, an admiration for each other’s individual accomplishments, and a commitment to personal accountability and mutual respect.


“The best dreams happen when you’re awake.”

Cherie Gilderbloom

Be on Time.

We cover a lot in class (especially at the beginning) and utilize every minute. If you’re late, please assimilate into class and a coach will help you get up to speed! But, don’t make tardiness a habit.

Check Your Ego at the Door.

We’re a welcoming community, so please check your ego at the door. No one cares how much or little you can lift, we only care how well you can lift it. The coaches are there to help you improve now and long into the future.

Introduce Yourself.

Please introduce yourself to all newcomers (or someone you don’t recognize). A friendly introduction goes a long way. Help newcomers feel welcome and show them the ropes if it looks like they don’t know where to find something (i.e. those 2.5lb plates).

Don’t Break Down Your Equipment Until Everyone Has Finished the Workout.

At 5280 CrossFit, no one breaks down their equipment until everyone has finished the workout. This is not only a common courtesy, but it provides an opportunity for you to encourage others, roll out on a foam roller, or just sit and cool down. If you’re on a time crunch – just let the coach know.

No Dropping the Barbells.

In general, dropping barbells is dangerous. Barbells often dance into someone else’s space and can easily cause injury. There are exceptions, check in with a coach if you have questions.

Don’t bring your own animals.

We love animals (especially dogs). We even have a gym dog. While we would love to welcome all animals in the gym, they (like children) can find themselves in harms way very easily. Some animals are territorial, including Chip, and this can make for an unpleasant experience.

Treat Empty Barbells Like They Were Your Baby.

We use an empty barbell a lot in class for drill and form work. When putting the barbell down, gently place it in on the ground with the utmost care. Empty barbells can be damaged when dropped (and they’re very noisy).

Check Your Surroundings and Stick to Your Equipment.

5280 CrossFit is a group class environment, therefore we do our best to help you plan ahead for a workout space. If you set up on one pull-up bar, don’t take someone else’s bar just because they’re not there. If your rings are further away, don’t use someone else’s just because they’re closer.

Kindergarten Rules Always Apply.

Please clean-up after yourself. It’s your responsibility to get out and put away your equipment, count your own reps, get your own tissue, clean the floor you sweat on, and wipe off your bars.

Clean Off Your Bars.

It’s quite possible that, at some point, you may bleed on a pull-up bar or barbell. Please, please clean off your bar with one of the shop disinfectant wipes.

Chalk Usage.

Chalk stays in the chalk bucket. A light dusting of your hands is all you should ever need (no need to clap chalky hands to fill the air with dust). Please don’t use the chalk to mark the floor for distance or reps.

Children at the Gym.

Children who can sit in the lobby while their parents workout are welcome to come to the gym with Mom or Dad. They are not allowed at any point to come onto the gym floor or training area (without expressed permission from a coach). The safety of the children and quality of the athletes’ training environment demands this arrangement.

Language Usage.

Every athlete pushes themselves in a different way. You can make noise, cuss, cry, go to your happy place, sweat, or even rest… just don’t quit. The human body is capable of more than you can possibly comprehend; challenge it accordingly. We only ask that you don’t scream profanities at the top of your lungs 🙂