March Update: The Numbers Are In! You Gotta Read What’s Going On!

The 800g is Complete! And the Winners Are…

**drumroll please**

1st Place (tie): AJ Driscoll, Eddie Bennett, and Brittany Lyman 
4th Place: Suzanne Short 
5th Place: Linda Thomas

Prize money has been added to all five of your 5280 accounts!! Congratulations on #gramsuccess!!!

*Prizes for 1st ($150 credit at 5280), 2nd ($100 credit at 5280), 3rd Place ($75 credit at 5280), 4th Place ($50 credit at 5280), 5th Place ($25 credit at 5280). Therefore the 3 winners share the top 3 prizes = 108$ each, 
Suzanne = $50,
Linda = $25

Here is a picture from AJ during the purple bonus week!!

The most common feedback we received throughout this Challenge is how people enjoyed the weekly bonuses and were never feeling hungry! We loved having a challenge that was INclusive and brought positive results without having to make HUGE or obsessive changes to our lives.

If you missed out on the challenge… don’t fear! We will do it again – here is the link to read about it so you can be familiar! You can even start to implement it and see the benefits now!…

Friday Night Lights

19.1 and the first of FIVE Friday Night Lights is in the books! We’re PUMPED for the next Four Friday’s to come – sign up for heats/classes in Mindbody on Thursday nights after 8pm!

You can watch the 19.x Workout Announcement at 6pm on Thursdays here →

💥See ALL the pictures from the evening on our Facebook Page:

Team Totals for Week 1 are in. 
Here are the current standings:

Mt Bross with 82 points

Mt Elbert with 75 points

Pyramid Peak with 73 points

Challenger Point with 53 points

EACH WEEK: Bring your friends from outside the gym and pick up some extra points for your team!

Strength Class Is Back – Sign Up NOW.

CrossFit is by far the best possible fitness program for what we like to call General Physical Preparedness, or GPP. You will get more fit across all the different modalities of fitness including strength by doing CrossFit. That said, because CrossFit does not specifically target increasing strength as its primary focus, the strength gains come at a slower pace than they otherwise could. The program will focus on the development of the three lifts measured in the CrossFit Total: Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift. If your goal is to become as strong as possible and increase your peak genetic potential, sign up for this 6 week cycle. 

Mondays/Thursdays: 7:30pm-8:30pm
Tuesday/Thursdays: 6:30am-7:30am

The cost of the 6 weeks: 
• $149 per person (For non-members $199) 
• Included (Complimentary) for All Access Members.

Register NOW:

Schedule Changes Starting March 4th

The 11:30am QuickFit Class will be removed from the schedule starting on Monday. While we absolutely hate removing classes from the schedule, interest in this class time has been minimal. QuickFit Classes on Tuesday/Thursday at 6am (we still need a few more people here!!) and Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 4:00pm will remain on the calendar.

Member Spotlights

Have you been enjoying the member spotlights found on our Facebook/Instagram Page? You can read the full stories by checking out our latest FULL Member Spotlights here 👉🏻👉🏻

5280 Event Calendar – March

See you in the gym!!!

Jason & The 5280 Team