Member Spotlight: Berk Wright

Member Spotlight: Berk Wright

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Berk Wright

How old are you?

How long have you been with 5280 CrossFit?
April of 2018.

Why do you CrossFit?
When I started it was to try and gain some muscle since I had just lost 70 lbs. Since then I have stuck with it because of the community and how it makes me feel.

Are you married, single, in a relationship? Do you have any children (“furry” children included)?
I have been married to my incredible wife for 31 years and were married on Friday the 13th of November. We have 4 daughters and 1 son as well as a German Shepherd.

What is your favorite activity to do outside the gym?
I like to hang out with the family whenever I can doing just about anything. I also enjoy a good bike ride on either my bicycle or motorcycle.

How do you make time for CrossFit in your weekly schedule? What’s helped you stay committed?
I have been able to fit Crossfit into my schedule by attending the 5:30am class. I have stayed with it, because as hard as I have worked to get stronger and better fit, I know can be lost very quickly if I quit.

How has 5280 made your life better?
As hard as it is to get up some mornings, I have never left the gym regretting getting up and going. Exercising is something that I have done off and on over the years but never really stuck with it. Nothing I have ever done has been harder or more rewarding than CrossFit. I am getting to the age where sticking with CrossFit has made me feel over all more healthy.

What is one CrossFit goal you are currently working on?
I continue to work on being able to do double-unders as well as pull-ups and overall strength and fitness.

Share one CrossFit story… (funny, cool, inspiring, etc)
I recently lost my job and 5280 has been a constant in my life which has helped me keep a better perspective as well as feel better about myself. I believe sticking with CrossFit has helped my overall attitude and kept me from getting down or depressed. It is always inspiring to have others push me to do things I did not believe I could do as well as seeing others push themselves to incredible limits.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about starting CrossFit?
If you can join a gym with as great of coaches that 5280 has, you should join and will never regret it. The CrossFit community is incredible and will become a part of your life you will not want to do without.

Tell us something most 5280 CrossFit members don’t know about you.
I have a twin sister. Although we are not identical, lol.