Member Spotlight
Donnie B.

How old are you?


How long have you been a member at 5280 CrossFit?

I did the first OnRamp class on June 19, 2015 and I’ve been with 5280 the whole time.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in North Platte Nebraska and it was home for 30 years. I did rotate my sleeping spot between North Platte, Miami FL and Minot ND for the last 2 years while I was working in the oil field. I moved to Colorado to pursue a job, but I’ve been coming to Golden my whole life (my uncle moved here in the mid 80’s).

Are you married, single, in a relationship?

I am currently single with no children. I haven’t had a pet since the wasp in my light fixture died, perhaps I can get another one next spring.

When you’re not CrossFitting, what do you like to do?

Taking my Jeep in the mountains and getting off the beaten path is always a good time, never know what you will find at the end of a Jeep trail, unless you own a guidebook.

How do you make time for CrossFit in your weekly schedule? What’s helped you stay committed?

My weekly schedule is very strict, mostly consisting of work, CrossFit and sleep. The amazing group of people that frequent the 9 am class, the great coaches and the very noticeable results make it easy to keep going.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

It works! I have beat the weights and put miles on the treadmill, but that gets old and loses my attention after a few months. CrossFit is so diverse and unpredictable, it keeps it interesting.

Favorite/least favorite WOD or movement?

Throw any WOD at me with rowing in it and I will be a happy man. There is something magical about the wind blowing through my hair as I crank out the calories or meters.

The front squat and overhead squat don’t particularly agree with me at this point, mostly due to shoulder and wrist mobility issues from old injuries, but I am getting better at both as time goes on.

What is your “Goal Board” goal? Do you have any long term CrossFit goals?

A couple ideas I have for the Goal Board could be to hit the 1,000# club, climb a 14er next summer, and be faster than at least some of the girls on a cardio day (the last one will be the hardest).

Do you want to share a CrossFit story?

I went to the Battle at the Rock at Crossfit Castle Rock in September to cheer on Jason, our coach. It was a very cool thing to experience. Everybody there had immense determination and laser focus. Even though everyone is a potential competitor, there was still a great deal of support, humility and upbeat attitudes. I realized how close the CrossFit community is, even though you may not know everybody you don’t stop cheering until the last person is done.

What would you tell someone who is nervous to try CrossFit?

Just go for it. I had serious doubts about my ability to actual do it, but it’s not that bad. Virtually everything we do can be scaled to your fitness level. Listen to the coaches and you will be led to a healthier life.

What do you love about 5280 CrossFit?

The fellowship that we have. The coaches truly love what they do and it shows in their passion for helping each member be better than yesterday. I’m yet to meet a member that isn’t friendly, willing to chat and be there with everybody else until the last rep. All in all, it’s just a great group of people that I would trust with my pets.