Member Spotlight
Emily M.


How old are you?


How long have you been a member at 5280 CrossFit?

I started doing CrossFit in May of 2015 at 5280 CrossFit.

Where are you from?

I grew up in a mountain ski town in Colorado. It was a great place to grow up.

Are you married, single, in a relationship?

I am married to a great guy who is the love of my life and my best friend. We have a daughter who is full of sunshine and laughter. We have two dogs and several chickens. I am a lucky girl.

When you’re not CrossFitting, what do you like to do?

Family time is most important to me. We spend a lot of time in the mountains skiing, hiking, and enjoying the slow pace of mountain living.

How do you make time for CrossFit in your weekly schedule? What’s helped you stay committed?

When I started, I promised myself I would go 3 times a week. I enjoy 5280 so much (the coaches and community are so great) that I usually make it 5 times a week.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

The way I feel after a workout.

Favorite/least favorite WOD or movement?

I think my favorite movements are deadlift and push press. Oh, and burpees are the worst 🙂

What is your “Goal Board” goal? Do you have any long term CrossFit goals?

My current goal is a kipping pull up. My long term goal is to eventually complete most workouts Rx.

Do you want to share a CrossFit story?

When I started CrossFit a little over 3 months ago I could not run, jump or squat due numerous knee injuries. Jason and the coaching team at 5280 has helped me start doing all of these things again! Amazing!

What would you tell someone who is nervous to try CrossFit?

I was VERY nervous to start CrossFit. I thought I if I couldn’t do a pull up, lift a lot of weight, or do the movements I would look foolish. The great thing about 5280 is that everyone makes you feel welcome. All the workouts can be scaled to your ability and most of us are at all different levels. It is truly a great community feeling at 5280.

What do you love about 5280 CrossFit?

The coaches are great! They work very hard to help ALL of us succeed and reach our own goals. 5280 has a positive vibe and I love going there. So glad I found them. It has changed my life!