Member Spotlight: Jameson Dion

Member Spotlight: Jameson Dion

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Name Jameson Dion

How old are you? 34

How long have you been with 5280 CrossFit? 1.5 years

Why do you CrossFit? Before doing CrossFit, I ran quite a bit and went the gym inconsistently. I found myself getting injured running and getting bored and unmotivated in the gym. When I started CrossFit, something clicked. The constantly varied movements keep me engaged and make it difficult to fatigue any one muscle group. The thing that keeps me coming back though is the community and camaraderie. I’m not aware of any other fitness organization where people know each other’s name, cheer each other on and compete like CrossFit.

Are you married, single, in a relationship? Do you have any children (“furry” children included)? I’m married. We have one very spoiled dog.What is your favorite activity to do outside the gym? Ski. Love skiing.

How do you make time for CrossFit in your weekly schedule? What’s helped you stay committed? Routine, routine, routine. I go almost every day at noon. It breaks up my work day and keeps me engaged at work the first half and second half of the day. I also have an addictive personality… so it’s not hard to obsessively keep coming back!

How has 5280 made your life better? I’ve dropped in at a number of CrossFit box’s throughout the world and the US. I’m going to take the liberty to interpret this question as: “How is 5280 different than other CrossFit box’s?”. The answer is the coaching. I’ve never been somewhere where the coaches are as knowledgable, engaged and safety focused as 5280.

What is one CrossFit goal you are currently working on? Being able to do double under. I hate taking a “Scaled” on a workout with doubs!

Share one CrossFit story… (funny, cool, inspiring, etc) I will never forget the first CrossFit class in Florida that I participated in. Despite being a pretty avid runner with good cardio, I was humbled (and doubled over outside) within minutes. I realized then that CrossFit is really a different level.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about starting CrossFit? Compete with yourself. It doesn’t matter where you match up to everyone else. Focus on your personal growth. If you beat the you of yesterday today, you’re doing it right.

Tell us something most 5280 CrossFit members don’t know about you. I was born in Colorado Springs… so despite a long hiatus from living in Colorado, I am technically a Native.