Member Spotlight
Kelly & Mike


How old are you?

28 & 29

When did you begin doing CrossFit? How long have you been with 5280 CrossFit?

We joined 5280 CrossFit in May and this is our first time doing CrossFit.

Why do you CrossFit?

Kelly – I joined CrossFit because we had several friends who said we would love it. We’ve only been going for 6 months and I am in the best shape I have been in since high school sports probably. It’s amazing to feel strong, healthy and actually enjoy going to the gym!

Mike – To have a high level baseline fitness.

Are you married, single, in a relationship? Do you have any children (“furry” children included)?

We are married and just celebrated our 3rd anniversary! We have two dogs – Brooks, a 1 year old goofy Bernese mountain dog and Riley, a 7 year old toilet paper loving golden retriever.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

Kelly – That the mountains are in our backyard. We can go for a hike after work and life doesn’t get much better than that!

Mike – The mountains and everything they offer.

Favorite activity to do outside the gym?

Kelly – Hiking in the summer and skiing/boarding in the winter

Mike – Ice climbing

How do you make time for CrossFit in your weekly schedule? What’s helped you stay committed?

Kelly – I make the gym my priority. I sign up for classes a week in advanced and make evening plans around my gym schedule.

Mike – Get up early, go to bed early. I work out in the 5:30 AM class.

What motivates you to keep coming back to 5280 CrossFit?

Kelly – The 5280 coaches and athletes are the best. The coaches are so positive, caring and fun. They make working out (even the sprint workouts) enjoyable. The support and encouragement is hard to beat!

Mike – The people and the coaches!

What’s your favorite workout (WOD) or movement?

Kelly – Back squats

Mike – Power cleans

What is one CrossFit goal you are currently working on?

Kelly – Do a handstand!

Mike – Ring muscle ups.

What’s your favorite workout song?

Kelly – All songs on Pandora’s Hip Hop BBQ station

Mike – “Around the World” Red Hot Chili Peppers

Share one CrossFit story… (funny, cool, inspiring, etc)

Kelly – We were nervous about joining at first and would sit outside Holidaily (the brewery next door) and drink beers and watch the workouts to see if we would like it, haha!

Mike – I slid from the top of the rope to the bottom after losing my footing. I had the worst rope burn on my hands… I won’t make that mistake again.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about starting CrossFit?

Kelly – Just show up! Coach Sam does such a great job teaching the prep course classes and all of the coaches help make the transition easy from the intro classes to regular class. We work on form every single day and it’s so easy to follow along and modify where necessary. 5280 CrossFit will change your life… Just stick with it!

Mike – You’ll never experience poor coaching, over-crowded classes, or negatives egos at 5280. 5280 CrossFit is a special place and is super welcoming to everyone!

Tell us something most 5280 CrossFit members don’t know about you.

Kelly – We moved to CO from DC without ever visiting before.

Mike – My wife deadlifts more weight than me.