Free Mobility Hacks | Ankle Mobility

Ankle mobility is essential for moving well in life (and at the gym). Here are some excellent hacks for greater ankle mobility.

Remember to always TEST AND THEN RETEST. For example… test your ankle mobility with a squat, then do a mobility movement/hack on one side, retest the squat, see what works for you and keep at it!

Choose 1-3 movements to do, spend 1-2 minutes with them on each side. This is the time it will take to begin to make some change in your soft tissue.

  1. Weighted static hold- sit in the bottom of a squat, use a weight to help you sit low and tall with your weight distributed evenly throughout the foot.
  2. Knee Taps- getting maximum ankle mobility! sit in the bottom of a squat, allow heel to come off the ground tapping one knee on the ground and then repeating with the other side.
  3. Lacrosse Ball inside of lower leg- tack down a spot below the calf, spend ~ 1 minute moving the foot back and forth. Repeat on the calf.
  4. BB outside of lower leg- with a barbell set low to the ground, “roll out” the outside of your lower leg, use your hands for extra pressure or a friend for help.
  5. Green Band Tension Forward- facing away from the rig and band, band around the front of the ankle, come to a runners lunge position, front knee in line with or outside the ankle, *keep the heel on the ground, move the knee back and forth
  6. Green Band Tension Backward- similar to #5, more of a stretch in the back of the ankle. Facing the rig and band, band around the back of the ankle, repeat #5.