Why 5280 CrossFit?

This Is Not Your Typical Gym
Do you hate working out? Then you’ve never worked out with us! Getting started can feel like a big step, but we promise that our tailored programming, experienced coaching, and sense of humor will change your opinion about working out forever!

Living our Passion
We love introducing absolute beginners to fitness just as much as we enjoy creating new challenges for our most experienced members. Your health is our passion and our mission is to make fitness and health a fun, collaborative experience.




*Words that members use to describe their experience at 5280 CrossFit.


Personal Training

Enjoy semi-private or private training sessions with one of our expert coaches. Personal training provides the ultimate customized experience based on your schedule and goals.


Group Classes

Experience the supportive nature of group classes offered 7 days a week. For people of all ages and fitness levels, these hour-long classes will leave you feeling satisfied and challenged every time.


Nutrition Coaching

Discover a nutrition coaching program tailored to your goals. With regular body composition testing, a customized road map, and personal accountability, you can achieve amazing results.

Ready to Jump in?

The path to reaching your goals is unique to you.

Start with our 3-Week 5280 OnRamp Program.

Then transition to the perfect membership for you.

  • An Individualized Starter Program designed around your experience, fitness level, and any pre-existing conditions.
  •  • 1:1 Focus and Attention with an expert coach.

  •  • Flexible Scheduling for all your needs.

  •  • Tangible Results physically, mentally, and emotionally..

  •  • A Seamless Transition (based on your goals) to personal training membership, hybrid membership, or group class membership.

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Week 1: Three (3) 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions.

Week 2: 2-3 Group Classes Plus One (1) 1/2 Hour Personal Training Session.

Week 3: 2-3 Group Classes Plus One (1) 1 1/2 Hour Personal Training Session.

*The final Personal Training session will include an introduction to nutrition.



Just Visiting

Your path to success starts with a New Client Consultation:

We'll take a tour of the fitness center and chat to discover:

  • Your short and long term goals.
  • Your bright spots (what are you already doing right).
  • The best path to your specific goals.

Click here to schedule your New Client Consultation.


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