Body Composition Testing

InBody Testing will show a true assessment of your body

Monitoring your weight is not enough!

Weight can be misleading when used as an indicator of health. Anyone may experience frustration when their weight shows no change, even with exercise and improved nutrition. Your body is a complex structure made of different components; such as water, fat, and muscle. Your body cannot be expressed with simple number.

InBody Test will show a true assessment of your body

To thoroughly learn about your body and its condition, take the InBody Test. In less than 60 seconds, the InBody Test not only examines the compositions of your body, but also reveals its percentages of body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance; components that are key in understanding more about your body.

Track your progress with the Inbody Test

Taking the Inbody Test just once will give you a snapshot of your body in that moment of time. However, taking the InBody Test consistently will give you a timeline of your progress. Watch your improvements from exercise and diet and do not let your hard work go to waste.

The Benefits of a Body Composition Scan

  • Measure your fat, muscle, and water levels in less than a minute. No dunking. No pinching. No Pod. No discomfort.
  • Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes to test.
  • Accurate and reliable results using DSM-BIA technology. (98% correlation with DEXA scanning and superior reproducibility)
  • No appointment necessary – simply purchase an option below and show up 5-10 minutes prior to your group class, personal training session, or nutrition session.

The InBody Scanner will record Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Percent Body Fat from previous tests to measure progress over time.

Inbody FAQ

Additional regularly scheduled scans results can be used to:

  • Identify health risks.
  • Identify body limbs imbalances.
  • Personalize nutrition & exercise programs.
  • Set realistic & measurable goals.
  • Track your monthly progress.
  • Track muscle growth and fat loss on each limb.
  • Remove guesswork, bias and confusion produced by bathroom scales.

Best Practices:

  • Don’t eat for 2 hours prior to the test.
  • Use the bathroom prior to the test.
  • Test prior to a workout, not after.
  • If a retest is carried out, conduct the test under the same conditions (i.e. mid morning).

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