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Helping Teens Become the Best Version of Themselves!

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We focus on the most important factors – Are they being safe, getting fit, and having fun?

CrossFit For Teens develops physical skills in an environment of community, accountability, teamwork, and responsibility!

Happy Parents

Our CrossFit Teens program makes you (parents) happy! If your teen is playing a particular sport, this program will keep them from becoming too specialized, or their fitness too specific to one domain. If your child is not intrigued by competitive sports, this program gives your child a place to move, learn and have fun in an active environment.

Additionally we have witnessed first-hand how encouraging teens to do homework immediately after a fitness session can have a profound impact on a family’s nightly routine and the child’s academic success! Win-win!

Fitter, More Resilient Teens

For teens ages 12–18, our program develops physical skills in an environment of community, accountability, teamwork and responsibility. Each group class gives athletes time to focus on a harder skill or movement that either improves their coordination and balance, or transfers to more powerful lifts. And after focus work, it’s time for 3-2-1-Go! We keep the workouts challenging not just to make teens more fit, but also to give them a sense of accomplishment. Working hard to get that first pull-up does amazing things for self-confidence!!

Open to All Fitness Levels

Our CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed teenager regardless of experience. We use our same program for 13 year olds and elite athletes. We scale the load, movement and intensity; we don’t change the philosophy. The needs of teenagers and Olympic athletes differ by degree, not kind.

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