Whey Cool Man – Why we love SFH Whey Protein

Whey protein shakes are great for refueling your body with important nutrients that are lost during a workout. They will help promote lean muscle development and maintain the muscle you already have. Whey is a complete protein and is very easy to digest and absorb, because of this our body uses the nutrients it provides. We need plenty of protein every day to keep our energy up, or blood sugar levels stable and our metabolism running. Protein is used in every cell we have and is critical for supporting brain function, helping with digestion, balancing hormones and of course building lean muscle mass! It is beneficial for preventing weight gain because it makes you feel full and takes more work for the body to digest than simple carbohydrates. Furthermore, having a whey protein shake immediately after a workout can help you make better decisions for your next meal when you get home, or wherever you may be, since your body will not feel as ravenous post exertion.

We prefer to eat (vs drink) our meals but you can occasionally use protein shakes as meals, especially if you are not used to eating breakfast and know you need to begin jumpstarting your metabolism with the start of your day. They are also helpful if some days you do not have a regular time to eat lunch or simply do not currently get enough protein in your day. As far as post workout, an influx of nutrients will have a big benefit on your muscles and body directly after a exercise. Having whey protein powder with you to mix with water and drink as soon as you finish is a simple way to boost recovery and lean muscle.

Coaches Corner (from Coach Erin): To get enough protein in my day and to add flavor, I like to add my whey protein powder to oatmeal, plain greek yogurt and my coffee. My favorite shake is chocolate protein powder blended with ice, water (or milk of some kind), and mint leaves. It is fun to get creative and add new flavors! In the end, I use SFH Whey Protein to feel confident that I am getting a quality source of protein, recovering and promoting lean muscle growth, and to meet my needs for the day.

*Whey protein comes from milk and contains lactose.
**SFH Whey Protein is available at our retail counter.