Tips for Improved Wrist Mobility for CrossFit

We all could use more mobility! Get ready for regular tips and tools to improve your flexibility and mobility! Today, we start with your wrists!

Working through a set of these exercises at home or before/after class can dramatically decrease any soreness you experience in your wrists.

View the video above to learn these 4 mobility exercises for your wrists.

1. Reverse Elbow Rotation

  • With one hand on ground, palm up, fingers pointed back, other hand holds it down.
  • Rotate elbow pit forward-hold for a few seconds, release, repeat 5-10x .
  • Shoulder should stay down and back.

2. Drill Bit

  • Push up position (on knees or full position) with your elbows back, out to side, in (elbow pits are facing each other when coming in, then rotate back to facing forward).
  • Smooth this into one motion, then reverse-ten each way.

3. Wrist Push Ups

  • Make a monkey fist then open and roll down onto tops of hands as chest is coming down towards ground.
  • Start on knees with pressure there then walk out (resistance on movement from knuckles to wrists).

4. Fingertip Push Ups

  • In a push up position, trying to make straight line from hands to shoulders.
  • Regular push up (or knee push up position), when you come up continue onto fingertips.
  • On tenth rep, hold ten seconds at the top/fingertips.